I couldn’t wait to share this weeks diary! Sonny has a toy problem!


I overheard mom and Colleen talking about how much he has always loved squeaky toys.So everytime one of them bring toys from the store for the hut pups, Sonny always gets one too. He stands there and waits for it like he knows he will get one every time. At first everyone laughed and it was all fun until this week Sonny’s obsession has gone to a new level!


Colleen was busy playing with the new boxer Annie, Sonny just stopped what he was doing and ran over to the toy table and grabbed a bag full of toys and ran really really hard back to his crate with it. Me and my sister Missy Lou was like.. Sonny you aren’t allowed to do that and he said it was none of our business and just ignored us like we weren’t even there.


So Sonny started squeaking the toys and that alerted mom and she found the stash of toys buried in his crate. So she talked to Sonny and he said he didn’t mean to take them but he knew they all had squeakers and really wanted to play with them.. So mom said okay… just remember not to do that again.


WELL… all was goin real good this week and someone came into the Hut to pick up their pup. When mom went out to the lobby to say goodbye Sonny took his chances making a run for it to get another bag of toys he had watched them put on the table. When she walked back into the room there was Sonny on the table with the new bag of toys that were just bought! He was caught in the act!!  He’s in trouble now!!! We all gathered around to watch Sonny get in trouble but mom just told him how very disappointed she was. Whats up with that?


So we thought that mom wasn’t going to do anything about it but since that day she has not given Sonny any new toys and when Colleen came in this weekend she didn’t give him any either. Sonny just couldn’t  believe it and at first he was giving everyone his sad eyes look and wouldn’t talk to us like it was our fault or somethin! But today when he was outside  he found one of the toys he had thrown out and brushed the dirt off and took it to his crate with him. Maybe mom’s plan is working and he will get back to just appreciating the times he gets a toy. Colleen just  told him that if he is a good boy Santa will bring him a toy for Christmas. This isn’t gonna be easy!!!!



This is Sonny today… he is a little confused because he usually gets a toy when they come back from the store.