While Colleen was in a Leadership meeting at Mt Carmel, the subject came up about the Hound Hut being a donation drop off site for Faithful Forgotten Best Friends who work tirelessly to ensure the pets of the homeless have food and services such as vaccinations, spay and neuter and other services. JoNeil with the Advisory Board was so excited that Homeless pets are getting assistance in Central Ohio that when she got back to Michigan she sent a case of cat food by UPS here to the hut!. How cool! We will be dropping the food off next week as well as towels from Hunter and Willys mom Olivia. We are making up monthly packages to donate from the hut as well. We think every little bit helps and we have been blessed by so many wonderful clients we need to pass on some of those blessings to those in need. Thanks Jo Neil and our Hound Huters near and far!!


The pictures above are of Willy and Hunter! Hunter’s Mom Olivia rescued Willy from the streets where he was living by a gas station. He is such a sweet old guy who warms our hearts every time we see him. He may only have one eye but it doesn’t slow him down and he appreciates everything in life!! Hunter is the best big brother and Willy could not have found a better family to love him!