Being that we are a family owned business we have had a few of our family members help out since we opened five years ago. In the weeks ahead I want to post a little something about our volunteer family members. The first of those family members is Anna. Anna has always had the determination and drive at such a young age to learn all about the dogs and skills needed to be successful here.

We are coming up on our 5 year Anniversary soon and as I look back through pictures I am just amazed at how she has grown up. This weekend she had some free time to come by and help and it was wonderful.

In the early years we opened the Hound Hut with only one dog. Her name is “Sookie”. She was just a cute little Boston Terrier  puppy who loves to have fun! Anna would play with her and as time went on more little dogs started to come to the Hut so she would hang out in the little dog play area which is not as easy as it sounds! It seemed that the little dogs found Annie to be comforting and fun to be with at their new home away from home.

I asked her yesterday to list the things she does when she volunteers here.She said she loves to first play with the dogs but also does cleaning, fills water bowls,assist with feeding, drying and brushing groom dogs and ease the anxiety of a newbie dog. She has a calming personality that the dogs love.

Yesterday Anna assisted in partially drying “Mia” a Berner with towels so that she would not have to spend as much time on the grooming table with the hair dryer. Mia loved it and her anxiety about being groomed went away. It’s so exciting for us to see Anna growing up and learning so much about dogs and from such a young age knowing how to interact with them safely. Her Auntie Randy (Meranda) is so proud of her and gave her the title of Jr. Whisperer. lol Maybe she will choose a future career path that has dogs in it!!! we can hope! lol

Here is Anna growing up before our eyes here at the Hut!!