The Best Place for “Happy Hour”!!! It’s so easy just to stop at Sonic for a Sweet Tea with Peach ….oh and a Peach Slushie also sounds great! It’s just outside my office door! Well, in the last 10 days I have decided to cut down on the Sweet Teas & Slushies. Normally its a morning, afternoon and possible evening stop if going to the Hut. So in the last 10 days I think I have chatted with all of the staff there. You know its bad when I ordered a diet Dr Pepper on a few of my visits and every one of them was like.. no sweet tea with peach or a slushie? Wow..So I am having a reality check with myself. I am not going to stop cold turkey but just limit the teas to a couple a week and an occassional slushie. Small Steps!!!!