Its been over 6 weeks since 3 of us at The Hound Hut changed how we eat. We began at New Years preparing and bagging all of our meals. We thought by now we would know whether it has made any difference and if its worth all of the work that my friend and business partner has been putting into creating meal plans, getting the food together and running our 24 hour business. 

So the verdict is all 3 of us are doing good and feeling great! It’s amazing because we are not starving ourselves but we can see weight loss and more energy! My business partner and friend motivator has lost about 20 pounds. My husband and I went to the doctor two weeks ago for a yearly check up. Want to talk about a great visit with lots of motivation! We told our doctor what we were doing and he was thrilled to report that since my husband and I had our last visit from last summer that my husband has lost over 70 pounds and I have lost over 40 pounds. As I looked over my lab report I saw where my Cholesterol was around 230….I told him I thought I was doing great and how disappointing this was but what was great to hear was my last fasting test was almost 280 so its a significant drop with just changing the way we eat, less fast food but still enjoying our meals!

So all in all it appears that this crazy thing called eating breakfast lunch and dinner with snacks, limiting going out for fast food has actually worked. Yes its slow coming off but I have eaten a lifetime of fast food that will take some time to change the course! my question still remains why guys lose weight so much quicker!!!lol