After seeing this “foot bath” that is supposed to be great my business partner and I decided to give it a try! 

Shocking but it does work and its not expensive to do. Meranda stopped at the dollar store so we would each      have our own foot pan. So that was $1 each, We already had blue Listerine and vinegar! Since we had both been on our feet all day at the hut we got all of the dogs fed and settled and decided to give it a try!  Everyone watched intently as we checked this out!!



The only thing is that the listerine turned our feet into Smurf feet. They are still a little blue in color but wow did it get rid of dead skin and debris that I had no idea was on my foot!!! 

We also made more of this recipe because the amount listed wouldn’t even cover the foot!

Mix 1/4c. Listerine, 1/4c. vinegar & 1/2c water.