Hi!! My name is Maggie and I am Mikey’s big sister. I came from a rescue in Kentucky. I lost my home and went to a rescue because I chased the chickens in my old house. Now tell me what good Bostonwould not chase a chicken if they could? I was 2 years old and my mom had emailed the rescue and told them what kind of fur kid she was looking for and the rescue lady said I was purrfect! She drove to Kentuckysight unseen and took one look at me and said that is the girl for me!

I was sooooooooo excited. Mom said I had a big brother waiting for me at my new home. His name was Bingo and he was a schnauzer my mom found lost on the street and he taught me all kinds of things on how to be a good kid sister. When Bingo passed away my mom found me a new little brother and that is how Mikey came into my life. This time it was my turn to teach proper manners and we became the best sister and brother team ever. We could play for hours even though I am a little on the bossy side, I NEVER bossed Mikey. He was way too cool of a brother and always shared his toys and food. When Mikey got sick we could not play much anymore but we slept next to each other and shared kisses. I miss Mikey so much…..I would cry real loud and mom was worried about me. She called Cocker rescue and took in a foster little girl to keep me company and I am not so sad now. Her name is Katie and she plays with me. Mom says Mikey is waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge so I know I will see him again. My birthday was April 2nd and I will am 12 years old ! Darcy told me that I would be the one Mikey would pick to keep up his blog going! I think it is so neat that my brother would want me to do this!  I know I have big paws to fill but will do my best! 

Here’s the link to Mikey’s facebook page!  https://www.facebook.com/MikeysNewAdventures