Hope you all will keep reading my blog!


So you may ask where I get all my intel for this blog, well truth be told I have a spy. It is a big secret so you have to keep it to yourself but she is a regular and always knows the 411 of what is going on. We call her Roxie in charge her family calls her Roxie Marie. She is a schnoodle, which I love teasing her about. Sounds so much more fun than Tibetan Spaniel. Anyway, she is all for fun but hates chaos. The boys almost always perpetuate chaos so Roxie usually has some choice comments for them. Of course I totally agree with her after all those boys can be so loud and crazy at times.



Roxie Marie in action! She is getting the scoop on Zoey and Zeus from their big brother Zeke. If there is a story, Roxie will get it to me! She plays it cool and knows how to work the room so no one is the wiser!