Todays brunch was made with ingredients we had on hand. Meranda cooked up the best Bun-less Turkey Burgers with Peppers & Onions. It was so good!

Here is the recipe- Very Easy!

1 Pound Ground Turkey

2 peppers (sliced)(We like red and yellow peppers best)

1 onion (sliced)

1 grated potato (We used left over uncooked hash-browns which about 1 cup was equal to a shredded potato)

1 egg

Choose your own spices but we used Garlic Salt, Pepper and Oregano

Oil to saute peppers and onion

Mix turkey, shredded potato, egg and spices (We used about 1/2 tsp oregano, garlic salt and pepper)

Make into patties. Saute Peppers and onions in oil and once browned remove from the skillet and fry the burgers in the oil left in the skillet. Once the burgers are close to being done, add in the sauteed peppers and onions. Brown the burgers with the peppers and onions.

We think the hash browns were really great inside these burgers. They were so full of flavor!!