I got the scoop on what happened at Zeke’s House!

So the scoop is that Zeke was home with his brother and sister Zeus and Zoey. They decided to go outside to play. Well…. Zeus and Zoey was over in the corner of the yard whispering which they often do then they said.. Hey Zeke,  ya wanna  go with us on an adventure. Well we all know Zeke is the level headed one of the family and told them that they were not allowed to go anywhere without mom and dads permission. Well, Zeus and Zoey said… We’ll be back before anyone knows were gone! And before Zeke knew it his little brother and sister took off!  Zeke said he froze for just a minute but knew he had to run and tell his mom and dad. Thankfully he did because the two youngsters were no where to be found. A search party was formed and hours went by. Their mom called the Hound Hut and asked if we could spread the word for everyone to keep their eyes peeled for the duo. A couple hours later Zoey was found but her sidekick Zeus was gone. Everyone was so worried because they do everything together! We heard lots of people came out to search for Zeus and after many hours he was found in a creek. He was confused and full of burrs. His dad asked him to get out of the creek and he ran from everyone. Maybe he thought he would be in trouble but he should know how much his parents love him and everything would be okay. So anyways Roxie Marie said that no matter what they did they could not get Zeus to go home with them…… So Zeke went down to the creek and got his little brother and helped his mom and dad take him home. Wow… whatta day that was. I hope Zeus and Zoey learned their lesson! That was really dangerous going out without supervision.