We are all about left -overs here at the Hut because most days it’s so busy that there is no time to fix something to eat. Earlier this week we had Spaghetti and Garlic Bread for dinner. There was enough left over for a couple servings. Since we planned to use the left overs up this week we only refrigerated it. It does freeze just fine if its going to be a week or so before you use it!

Cut the garlic bread into squares if its not already cut.  Before putting the left over spaghetti on the bread we cut it up into smaller noodles.

If you are in a hurry of course you can just microwave the spaghetti and also the garlic bread but we like to put the spaghetti on the garlic bread and put under the broiler for for a minute. Its also good if you want to put some of your favorite cheese and toppings you have on hand! If you don’t have a way to broil it you can actually put the left over garlic bread in a frying pan or electric skillet to warm up both sides and remove. Then fry up the spaghetti until hot and put on top of the bread. You can top with another piece of garlic bread or do what we did and make open face sandwiches. It was so yummy and filling that we would not need to eat again til dinner!

The moral to this recipe story is that you can make a quick meal and be creative with leftovers that you have on hand!