The Hound Hut Garden is doing great! We have been making lots of meals with tomato’s which include Fried Green Tomato’s! We have yellow and red bell peppers that are getting really big but still green in color. Our biggest challenge has been the zucchini and squash plants. We were having great starts only to have them dying quickly. After a call to my brother Patrick (who has been gardening since we were kids) about what could be causing this, he did bring up a great point. ….Lack of pollination! He was saying that the bees pollinate the flowers on the squash/zuchinni and since we have no bees here we think thats the problem. If its not too late we are going to attempt to pollinate the new flowers coming on. We didn’t even give it a thought about bees needing to do this especially since we really can’t have bees at the Hut with the dogs and potential for a sting!  Hopefully its not too late but we will let you know if it works! We had not given it a thought about needing to pollinate our squash!!!!