A Great Evening At B Spot

This evening was the best! When they say starting a business leaves little time for anything else except running the business it is definately true! It’s been two years since I have been out to eat with my friend and business partner Meranda. For the last two months we said we were going to arrange this monumental event and the place of choice…Michael Symons B Spot here in Gahanna Ohio.  When we heard the B Spot was opening here we really pushed to make it happen.

To keep our positive outlook we often say that some day we will have Michael Symon here in Columbus cooking for us here at the Hut. Meranda always says to add my cousin Mario Batali to that since when my brother researched our Ancestry DNA, Mario was listed as a famous person in our family history. Lol. But tonight Michael Symon cooked for us…sort of!

Anyways…back to this evening. The food was great and we were not disappointed! Possibly because it had been so long and we were actually sitting in a resturant!

Big thanks to Michael Symon for keeping his Ohio roots and having great places to eat here in Ohio! It sure made our night.

Excited to say I had a doggie bag so when I got home tonight I hurried past my husband to hide it in the fridge!

Hopefully it won’t be two years before we do this again! Maybe the next time we can take a quick trip to Lola’s!