After almost 6 months of bagging our food for the week we were feeling so much better. Meranda, Marty and myself lost about 100 pounds between the three of us. We were doing great but our business was in high gear with Summer vacations starting so we decided to take a break. BIG MISTAKE!! Although we felt we were making better choices and portion control, Marty and I were doing more dinners out and quickly the weight started coming back. For me I have struggled with my weight for most of my life and I just can’t believe how not eating several times a day and pre-planning the meals would be such a negative impact! So this week we decided that we need to get back on track and start back doing our meal preps for the week. I guess for us it gave us the feedback we needed to know if changing the way we ate without dieting was beneficial.  I’m ready! Being off of the routine I not only gained weight but also had increased leg swelling, feeling faint in the mornings, tired and no energy. It was amazing that for almost six months I had none of that. Well enough about me but I just wanted to share what was great about changing the way we eat and I now know if we just give it time we can feel better if we stick with it!