Many times we post on the Hound Hut Facebook page our “Thanks” to our clients who go out of their way not only for their dogs but who are so kind and gracious to us and trust us to care for their pups whether its daycare, an overnight or just a haircut! In the beginning, building a great client base was important for our small business to grow but what we have achieved is so much more! This client base is a group who love their pets as family members and it extends beyond that to us. They have made us feel a part of their extended family! One of our family’s asked last week..”What can we do for you?….we see all the Thank you’s from families dropping off breakfast, snacks, and even birthday cakes to share with their dog friends. I explained that we think its so important to recognize everyone and its just a small gesture to post our thanks on facebook to show how grateful we are. Last evening the town had a power outage…we had hound huters checking on us! Our success is a result of these wonderful people!


The last couple days have been a roller coaster of emotions for me personally. To make a long story short my husband and I purchased a Hud house some years ago. Watching HGTV we thought it would be a great project. Well, it has turned into more of a money pit than that beautiful rehab we envisioned. While thinking about selling it last year a local family had a house fire and because they had dogs they could not find temporary housing until the home was restored. Since our fixer upper was empty we thought we could hold off on selling so this family could have a short term place to live. As their stay in the house was coming to an end I rode by the house and just sensed we may be left with a mess. The city contacted us about the mess on the porch and I could only hope the move out would happen quickly and we could clean it up once done. The city zoning was great and said they would give the tenants time to move.


I was not prepared for a phone call I received this week from a neighbor friend of this property stating “there are two dogs locked  in your house over here”!!. Not comprehending what was being said I finally understood that the owner moved out and left the state abandoning the two dogs (family members….the reason we rented the property in the first place.) I contacted the humane society that handles these types of cases in our area and the police who can handle any cruelity charges.


I didn’t want to enter the property alone but since the different agencies couldn’t coordinate the rescue for 24 hours I thought I should go check. The neighbor was hesitant to check in case of them biting. I was worried about what condition I would find them in. With food and water in hand I had to hope they wouldn’t bite the hand feeding them! lol. As I unlocked the door there was that” stranger alert” barking and I had to psych myself up to push on into the house. As they continued to bark and had a frightened look I asked…Are you guys hungry? I poured food into the dirty empty bowls and they stopped barking and began to eat. It gave me time to take a few pictures so that I would have documentation.


The time came to meet with the authorities today. I was worried because of the first interaction I had with the dogs they seemed aloof….I guess I would be aloof and scared if left abandoned in a locked house. As they cautiously watched all of us as we talked to them they slowly began to warm up and their sweet and kind personalities started to show. The warden and police were very encouraging that once they could get treated by a vet and if the large tumor on the puggle is benign they feel they will go onto great homes. I will follow their progress. The Humane Officer had a way with the dogs and within just a few minutes he was petting them. You could see their eyes light up! One policeman was especially nice and I believe he sensed my distress. He just kept saying….don’t worry. They are great dogs!


So I went back to work with a heavy heart and as I sit here at home tonight surrounded by my snoring basenjis,  I can’t help but have tears rolling just thinking of what these two dogs have been through. They rely on us humans to keep them safe and their humans failed them! I have also felt other emotions  tonight such as anger… just can’t wrap my head around so many who are cruel and just all around bad.


But now I circle back to reality thinking about our Hound Hut Families who will do anything for their own pets, help those in need and even brighten our day with doughnuts, meals or kind words. It’s that kindness and genuine caring that Meranda and I have come to know  over the last five years. I will be able to sleep tonight knowing that there truely is more good than bad in the world. We just have to surround  ourselves with good.


(A few pics from today-as long as the dogs get help we can figure out getting things cleaned up later)